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So I ventured all the way into town today in hopes of finding a copy of the Watchmen. I hit Barnes & Noble, usually whereI like to go for any book purchases. Unfortunately they were sold out of this particular graphic novel. I make my trek across the street over to Borders in hopes of finding it there.

My biggest mistake of the day. I hate borders with a Passion. Their employees are dull, unmotivated, oafs (thank you constantine for that word). The whole lot of them! It seems as though Borders is always packed full of sreaming kids and and ill mannered teenagers who'd rather tell you to "watch it, dude you almost spilled my Jamba juice" rather than "excuse me". But worst of all.... the absolute worst out of all the things wrong with Every Borders Ive ever been to.... Their books are All out of Order! How the f do you plan on selling books when they arent even in a recognizable order!?!?!

So is it just me? Or are the Borders Stores in you areas a pathetic excuse of a book store also?


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I'm the total opposite, but this is coming from a foreigner. I love your bookstores with a passion. :lol: In fact when I visit the US, spending time in Barnes or Borders (or the likes) is part of my itinerary.


Son of Liberty
i absolutely love Barnes & Noble. I spend tremendous amounts of time at that store. However, on the rare occasion I cant find a specific book I'll walk across to Borders. Always leaves me in a crappy mood afterward hahaha.

Dont getme wrong here, Barnes is great.... it Borders that I hate!


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I have no quarrel with the Borders near here, I love the bargain bins and buy lots of book that I normally would not. I'm tight though, if I see a book I like on the main shelves I take down the ISBN# and then I goto the library instead.


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I've never had a problem with Borders, but I do prefer Barnes & Noble.


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Can't say as I have ever been in a Borders but Barnes & Nobles I could spend hours in. I do, however, shop Borders online every now and then. Books a Million doesn't have that good of customer service either and most of them are twits.


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We have a large (Border's sized in terms of actual books) independent store called Kepler's nearby that I mostly use. I don't like the atmosphere of Border's compared to other bookstores because they sell so much other crap there. That being said, their stock is pretty good and I haven't had big issues with it.

I try to buy dirt-cheap used books, and like supporting local business, so there are a few independent stores I try to buy most of my books from.


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I don't recall ever actually going in a Border's bookstore, so if I have it wasn't a memorable experience either for bad or good.

I like Barnes and Noble for window shopping, then I go home and order the books I want online from Amazon or Overstock for much much less.


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I think you've just been stuck with a poor staff. I love B&B as much as Border's. I don't see a reason to dislike either of them. It just goes to show you the wide range of different experiences we share.