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Book Shoppe


In need of Entertainment
I have a [used paperbacks] Book shop in my home!
My mother is the owner of the business which is located where she lives in a proper shop, and we've now opened a branch in my own home(!) until we find it is worth while to set it up in a shop as well.
I opened the shop on February with approx. 200 books (duplicates from the main shop) in English, Hebrew & French. Books ranging from classics to current bestsellers.
The way it works is that people can discard their old books by bringing them to us and they get a percentage refund in credit notes to purchase books from us.
So far it's going slowly, I advertise in the local emailing list and it's been circulating from mouth to mouth, slowly but surely.
Only after 2 months I have over 600 books and I have 2 regular customers :D and promises from others that they'll be back.

The only negative thing about this, is that it has taken up a room in our home (the guest room) and we can't have anyone staying with us over night :(

Overall, we're really happy with the progress and hope that by this time next year it'll be a proper shop, in another location (not my spare room lol)