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Book clubs


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Have you ever been a part of one?

I joined one over the weekend. I was a little held back at first because it was propagated as a club for senior citizens. It read on the website that young folks were welcome too, but I was expecting to meet a bunch of really old people, from like the 30's or something. :lol:

Fortunately that was not the case, most were 50 to 65 and had just retired (most were former teachers :tired:).
There was one woman and 6 other men.

We met up in the local library when it was still closed for public. It was really cool and I had a really neat time. After all those years after uni it was nice to get back at discussing stuff with other people.
I wouldn't have cared about joining a regular book club, but this one reads only history books, which makes it even more fun for me :cool:

We meet again in 6 weeks or so. I'll be the discussion-leader then :shifteyes:

So, let me hear those stories, ever been part of a club like this? How did you experience it?


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Right now I'm considering one, actually.

One of my friends and I know each other from getting our Bachelor's in Social Work together. I stayed at the same school to get my MSW, and he went to another. We still hang out and still talk social work/counseling/psychology all the time.

He has the idea right now to read books once a month or so on counseling techniques and things like that, and then meet to discuss how it could be applied, etc. It sounds awesome, I'm leaning towards doing it but I have to decide if I think I'll have time to do it.


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If you have the time, I can really recommend doing this, it's a lot of fun :)

And I reckon you can learn a lot from it as well. You read more carefully and you get feedback and ideas from your friend!


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Bjark....I would love to know your book list. Historical fiction is my favorite.

I belong to a book club. I'm actually the administrator of it ;) and we are up to 15 members now. The core group of us have been together 8 years. It's a book a month, each book selected by a member, and that member hosts at their home. Mostly it's best sellers but not anything too frivolous. We don't read "the classics" either. Our last book was "Little Bee" and our next is "Testimony". I love it!!

My daughter and I were in a mother/daughter one too for about a year. There were 6 pairs of us. Great great time. The girls were about 13 at the time. Slowly it fizzled out and sadly she doesn't even hang out with any of them anymore. Two of them were very close friends during elementary and middle school. High school really changes things!!!


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That's really cool shelgarr!

I happen to be Dutch, so the books we read are mostly in the Dutch language. But to give you an idea: it's a good mix between hardcore history study books and light literature, that is: historical novels.

The theme isn't limited to any period or place, but there's definitely a focus on Dutch history and maybe on 20st century history as well (which seems logical to me, as for most people they are the most interesting). There's also interest in the Dutch royalties and women's history.

Personally I like the more exotic works.. we got a book about the Crusades coming up, both in medieval times and the 'modern' ones. I'm looking forward to that (although someone warned me it was a pain to read..).

The ones in English I could find:
Fik Meijer - Gladiators: History's most deadly sport

Jonathan Phillips - Holy warriors, a modern history of the crusades

I'm afraid those are the only two that have been published in English. :(
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I've never belonged to a book club. I was thinking that maybe somebody could start up an online book club thread on here and nominate a book to read each month. I would certainly be interested.


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Nice thread, Bjarki. I've never been part of a book club myself. If I ever was, then it would probably be more to motivate myself to read more often and listen to other's opinions/POV, because I rarely have insightful thoughts on the books I read and wouldn't be much of a good contribution, lol.
I've never belonged to a book club. I was thinking that maybe somebody could start up an online book club thread on here and nominate a book to read each month. I would certainly be interested.
That's actually a good idea. I would also be interested when I have the time, especially if I can download the PDF. :D


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i have never been part of a book club but i have surely been part of a local library when i was in school. i was a part of that until i finished my high school and got busy with college and job. all the while i was there, it was so much fun. i miss those days.