Boogeyman returning to WWE TV


Lion Rampant
As you may have seen, an ECW promo has teased the impending return from an injury time-off of this legendary worm slurper and honorary member of DX after more than a year without participating in a match.

Are you glad he's back?

Do you like WWE's gross-out bits?

Can you recall any standout disgusting moments in WWE history? I can think of:

Darren Drozdov as "Puke"

Benoit blowing snot on his just-pinned opponents

Boss Man cooking Al Snow's dog 'Pepper' and serving it to the unsuspecting Job Squadder

The Mark Henry/Mae Young love angle *shudder* and her shriveled (but fortunately prosthetic) 'puppies' being exposed at PPV in a parody of Miss Kitty's infamous Armageddon tit flash
Are you glad he's back?
I enjoyed him while he was on SmackDown! I really liked him when he had Little Boogey with him. Once he went to ECW he changed his hair and the whole wrestling ability showed. He's has great charisma and a good gimmick, I would just hope he learned a few things with his time off.


Sultan of Swat
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No I won't be glad if he comes back, I don't think he's a good wrestler, he always seems lost in the ring, the worm thing is getting old, and he barely competes.

Hopefully he stays on ECW and doesnt become a regular wrestler on Smackdown or Raw.


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I missed ECW last night so this is the first I'm hearing about this...all I can say its ugh. The man who plays the character of the Boogeyman might be the worst wrestler of all time. Okay, Khali beats him...big deal. The man cannot wrestle a match longer then 5 minutes. They had him over JBL and Booker T (at Wrestlemania) in back to back PPVs. His gimmick was over but he couldnt wrestle.

It gets old after a while honestly. I liked him initially but eventually he just got annoying.