Bonfire night antics


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Im sitting at my laptop on GF :)

eating my food and listening to all the fireworks going on outside.
i was gonna go out and see the fireworks display, but all my friends are busy and i had no one else to go out with. also i like my nice warm room ;)

so is anyone else celebrating bonfire night? or have you already been out? or is anyone actually doing anything exiting tonight maybe not even related to bonfire night :lol: lol


Ms. Malone
Did ours on saturday at my dads, he spent a few hundred on fireworks (as usual) and everyone who wasn't driving got a bit drunk.

Dad got the fire going as soon as we got back from the match and ended up putting it out again :lol: and later on his mate Plod nearly set the back fence alight.


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Their is a celebration dedicated to fire. AND PEOPLE CELBRATE IT?
End insanity. I like fire


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I was supposed to be going to the big on at Lewes tonight but I just couldn't face the weather after such a crp day at work.

It's the first time in YEARS that we've not been out though. Feels a bit weird. But we've seen a few nice ones from the back garden in surrounding gardens.


Sally Twit
I'm not going out tonight. I can hear them all going off though.


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Bonfire night? That sounds like my kind of holiday! What exactly is it, what is it celebrating, etc?

bonfire night is to do with this guy called "guyfawkes" he tried to blow up the british parliment in london like hundreds of years ago, and he got sent to death by being burnt. so we set off fireworks to symbolize him getting burned and the amout of explosives that were found under the british parliment buliding just before he set it alight

usually you have a big fire and get a stuffed modle to burn in it as guyfawkes coz he got burned

i hope that is all correct, my history is abit crap :lol:
any brits feel free to correct me ;)

is that better buddhz?? lol:lol:
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