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BoneBack Mountain


Registered Member
Saw it last night with my girlfriend and I have to say, it was a pretty good movie. I think its going to be kinda wierd for the people who see this movie then see Casanova not long after... But the movie had alot of symbolisim and alot of detail. Anyone else see it yet?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
No, but I live near Backbone mountain. It's the highest point in Maryland.


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I have no idea what it is. S, what exactly is it? Old or new? How long is it? If old, then when was it made? We need details or we won't know anything.


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Is that the movie everybody's talking about with the gay cowboys and everything?

And is that the real title of the movie? Bone-Back Mountain?

Do they know that..... that that's what they titled the movie???


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Yea, its Boner Back Mountain, not to be confused with BareBack Mountain.

Girlfriend just informed me that I was wrong, it is BROKEBACK Mountain. Oh well, its about 2 gay cowboys so it doesnt make a difference.