Bond's New Ride


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In the event of the new Bond movie coming out, I was thinking about what would be a new car that bond has never ridden in. Even though the movie is almost finished What would be a good car. To start I think Bond should sport a new Bentley Continental Speed Spur. 600 Premium horses with a w12


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It will be an Aston Martin again. Probably the same one from Casino Royale. They paid a large sum of money to have their cars wrecked in the Bond movies once again after losing out to BMW for most of the Brosnan movies.


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Yup, looks like Bond will be back in the Aston Martin DBS for the new movie Quantum of Solace.

Unfortunately though, there have been quite a few on-set accidents involving the DBS. They've crashed the screen cars a number of times, including one accident where a stunt driver ran his DBS off course and submerged it in a lake. The driver was injured pretty seriously, but according to AutoBlog he seems to be all right.

That said...stop crashing those Astons!! :mad: