Movies Bond 23 Delayed Indefinitely


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This is good/bad news: JAMES BOND 23 Delayed Indefinitely -

Good news because I hope this gives them some time to rethink the direction they are taking the franchise after Quantum.

Bad news because it looks like we could go a few years without a new Bond movie. This means they could risk losing Daniel Craig due to other commitments he ends up with down the road (unless his contract states otherwise?).

Interesting development nonetheless...


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I enjoyed Quantum and this bums me out. I'm really feelin' Daniel Craig as 007...if they lose him, I'll be pretty pissed.


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This is good. I thought Quantum was god aweful. Olga was the shittiest Bond girl EVER. She had an awful accent and tits like UGH! And then Craig was just so un-Bond like. I mean, Casino Royale had a good thing going for him, but Jesus H. Christ, he was a sissy boy in Quantum. It didn't even have any clever scenes or jokes like Casino had. I hope they turn 23 around, and make it like a real Bond movie should be.


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Quantum of Solace was ruined by one person, one aspect that has defined the other movies in the series and perhaps one of the most pathetic aspects of any movie every created:

The villain.

What's his plan? To take water. From Bolivia. All of it? No. 60% of it. Why? So he can hike prices.

Go fuck yourself, Hollywood.