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Movies Bond 22 news is surfacing


Secret Agent
Staff member
Looks like Bond 22 is already in the works.

The villain is rumored to have already been cast as well.

IGN: Bond 22 Villain Cast?

I can't wait for this movie. I loved Casino Royale and have been looking forward to seeing Daniel Craig continue the roll of Bond.


Heavy Weapons Guy
I'd love to see some more Bond movies. Casino Royal was a great movie. Hopefully the movie comes out within a reasonable time. I expect good things.


Registered Member
Yeah, Casino Royale was definitely a great movie but it just raises my expectations for the next one. I hope they don't disappoint me with this one but I'm sure it will be another great one. Daniel Craig did a wonderful job and I'm really a fan of his so I'm just really looking forward to more.


New Member
It's been in pre-production for the last three months. What, did you guys fall down a time hole and miss a chunk of the year?!
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