Bolt On Boobies

Whats your stance on Boob Jobs?

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Whatever really, not a chick so I don't nee them. But there's nothing wrong with adding on a cup of 10.



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If it solely for cosmetic reasons. Personaly I think they are ugly, often disproportionate, irregular, unnatural and nearly always significantly scarred.

However in some instances if it is as a part of reconstructive surgery or the need for larger or reduced breasts is a part of a larger psychological condition, then if they will help, Im all for it!


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Depends on the situation. If a person is considering it because they are truly uncomfortable with the size of their breasts, then go for it. If a person is considering it because "Hay, luk, i haz teh big bewbs!", then no. Just no.


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yeah i agree with storm. What a lot of people think is purely cosmetic and superficial might make a huge psychological difference to the person getting it. It doesn't have to be reconstructive surgery to still be life changing and make the person feel a million miles better and much more confident in everything they do.

Then there are cases of people who feel they need it when 1. They clearly don't/have had many already 2. Are much too young to be considering it. Some people seem almost addicted to boob jobs, and performing the surgery is just feeding that addiction, or endless quest to be larger. So it's hard to differentiate between the two.

in the end it's ultimately up to person. I prefer natural, but sometimes it can have huge psychological benefits, so i do support it at the same time.


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Much as I think a bigger set would be a blessing, it's not something I'm considering to do.

As for others, if they're nicely done, I don't think anything less of it than normal bewbs. What I don't like is if they obviously look unnatural and disproportionate...bad bewb job or someone who hasn't listened to the doctor about a proper bewb size for the body frame.


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Huge boobies just aren't attractive at all and I don't care who thinks they are but ya like Storm mentioned some people do it because of their self image. I actually had a friend who got hers done because she wasn't even a full A cup and she looks great now but more importantly she feels a helluva lot better of herself now than she did prior.


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I'd love to have larger boobs, But i would never consider having a boob job. I would never mess around with my body in that way. I'm happy with what i have but i'd be even happier if they were bigger!!

I'll keep putting tissues down my bra's :lol::lol:


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Looks like I fit in with the consensus here and can agree that a decent chunk of probably the 90 percentile range is for cosmetic reasons. However I will say I have known personally and known of a few females who have been so bothered by their breast size that they seriously have given themselves hitches in their own self esteem.

So for those cases I can absolutely feel for 'em, really thinking about it theres nothing they could really do outside of Breast Augmentation for what ails them. Overweight people have the opportunity to take it upon themselves and diet and/or exercise, People with radical fears have the opportunity to better themselves via facing their fear, Females with Self Esteem issues because of their Cup size really cant do much other than stuff their bra's with tissue :hah:. But even that solution doesnt solve, it only cures for short periods of times.

Naturally I'm gonna say "For It" simply because its your body, do whatever the holy hell you want to it. Tattoo it, pierce it, augment it, its yours do what you want with it. The catastrophically huge ones do in fact bother me, I dont find them attractive what so ever and to be honest anything bigger than a high C / low D is on the brink of starting to be to huge IMO.


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I've always been a fan of fake breast. I love the way they look, the way they feel. I personally can't think anything negative to say about them to be honest with you guys. If I had a wife, and she was thinking about doing it, and she could afford it, I would be a happy man. I like them that much.