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Yeah BOGOF...

Have you just bought something? Was it on offer? Was this or these things a promotional deal? You must tell us!
Perhaps this deal is on in a shop that everyone knows, for loads of happy shoppers go in and take advantage of.
If so, it's only right to share those awesome savings, that make everybody so happy. It could change lives, world peace could prevail...
Share them deals, let us know...

And truthfully let us know what you reckon to the deal. Was it even worth it?
PLease elaborate randomly on shop promotions... And pop back if you get something new on offer. Just to be informative - and of course === SUPER COOL!!!! Hey?

I recently got myself a pair of 4x275ml Carlsberg Exports. It was on Buy One Get One Free... I've saved a fiver, so hence I am pleased. Very good deal. WOOOOOP!


yellow 4!
I never used to take notice of deals before I became a student. And now, most things I buy are centred around what's on offer or not :lol: I do my food shopping at Morrisons and it's really good for deals. They always seems to have what I want on some kind of 3 for 2 or half price deal. It's like they can read my mind.

I don't even remember the most recent thing I bought on offer because it's pretty much every time I go food shopping lol. As for other things, then I rarely get deals. I can't be bothered finding bargains if it's not made easy for me.