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Sultan of Swat
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Anyone else on General Forum that wants to see this movie?

I personally think this movie looks great, I'm a huge fan of Diccaprio, and Crowe is a great actor as well. This movies looks that it has excitement and action. Cant wait to see it.


Everything goes.
WHAT? Must go watch trailer....

Oh, to stay on topic...aah, sure I can't wait either!

*edit* Just watched the And it's such an unfortunate 'eh'. The trailer itself is done well, but I could only think of one thing...

You sure? Because you may not have watched what I'm about to mention. Think...think...and then think again.
I think it was 'War Games' with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. One sends the other into another country...then problems...then repercussions...then moral d..blah blah...

But hey perhaps not. And DiCap needs to take care of the facial hair in the trailer. Wow, does he ever...
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