Body Odors

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Would you tell someone if s/he has stinky breath, smelly armpit or feet?

- "friends"
- really close friends or partner
- family
- strangers you need to interact with

If yes, would you be direct/indirect? What methods have you used before (in case you were in that situation)? Or would just avoid getting close to the person?

If you have BO, how would you want people to let you know?

Poll is multiple choice.
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I would tell the person straight up, because that's the kind of person I am, I wouldn't;t be mean or anything about it, just inform them, and I would expect the same if it was me.


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I would tell the person straight up, because that's the kind of person I am, I wouldn't;t be mean or anything about it, just inform them, and I would expect the same if it was me.

Does it apply to everyone? For example what if it's your teacher/employer?


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I wouldnt tell them out straight....coz thats not the sort of person i am, i would give them hints, but of course if the message wasnt getting across to them then i would tell them politly so they can do something about it......
this sort of thing has actually happened to me a few times, one of my friends really stank of BO and i tried to drop hints like "would you like some body spray" or you know stuff like that, eventually (this when i was back at school) the teacher just came out right with it and said "Do you want to go for a shower?" and my friend got really embarrased and went home. on another occasion one of my friends friend has really bad breath and everyone asked her if she wanted mints or chewing gum. but in the end they just told her out right and now she dosnt have bad breath anymore. if it were me i would want someone to tell me descreetly.....thats if i didnt get the hints.....


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We have this issue at work with some of the post docs coming in from other countries. At first it was our boss who would say something but now the other post docs tell the new ones who show up that they need to take showers and use deodorant everyday because that's how our society rolls.
If someone I knew had a BO/breath problem one day [as a one-off kinda thing] then I probably wouldn't mention it, unless we were meeting up with other people... However if I knew someone that constantly had bad breath/ BO or whatever then I would be more inclined to drop a few hints. I cant imagine myself telling them directly :shake: and definately not like, a teacher or anything.
If it was someone in my family I'd probably have a laugh with them and tell them jokingly, but I don't think I could do that with anyone else.
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I find it easier to say with family. With friends, I'll probably drop hints. With people I only have to interact a few times (not much relationship), then I might just let it go and avoid to have to smell it.


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If I'm talking to someone with bad breath and I know it'll be a long conversation, I'll usually pull out a mint and offer them one. (hoping they accept)
If it's body odor, I try to get away as soon as possible because I'm too nice to mention it, and I can't share a stick of deodorant.
The worse smell is someone with the "I own 100 cats and never change the litter" odor.:urp:


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nope.... I dunno why I cant but there are just certain people I have trouble telling them that they stink. Probably because when I say it I dont feel I can tell them without being a dick. :hah: and I dont like to be a dick to people unless I have to.

Come to think of it the only person I ever really tell that he stinks is my lil' Bro... just because he's at that age where Boys are most stinky (12-14) and just dont care (or know how) to use Deodorant.