Body Mass Index


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BMI is an abbreviation for Body Mass Index. BMI is a statistical measure of the weight of a person scaled according to height. How accurate is this BMI Calculator?The BMI is meant to broadly categorise populations for statistical purposes. Its accuracy, in relation to actual levels of body fat, can be affected by such factors as your fitness level, bone structure, muscle mass, gender, and ethnicity.Please feel free to use these links in order to calculate your BMI.
BMI - Body Mass Index: Adult BMI Calculator: English | DNPA | CDC

BMI-Body Mass Index: Child and Teen Calculator | DNPA | CDC

Please remember this does not take into account everything and so is not an accurate guide. Please use as a rough guide only, it's just a bit of fun :)
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I hover around 40, but I have a large amount of muscle in my weight, so the calculator is off. Actual is around 30, which still isn't good, at all. I'm working on that, though.


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I came in at normal. I have been working out lately though but I don't know what that will do for this. If I put on muscle weight then it will probably throw off the BMI numbers..


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It said that I am overweight. I just weigh more because I lift a lot and i have a lot of muscle. This doesn't really take that into account.


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This thing is retarded. According to the BMI, Shaquille O'Neal is obese.


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I just tried this again and apparently I am considered overweight now, even though I have lost weight since my original post in this thread and have been working out pretty regularly. BMI should also ask you for your bench max or mile time to factor in muscle...

Shaq is certainly not overweight. He's a big guy but it's nothing but muscle. That's why BMI should take into account your bench max or mile time. Would make a lot more sense.