Body clock


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My body clock is all screwed up, I always wake up at 6am, or around 6 and I cant stop it. I have to wake up at 6 for work during the week, but when I have days off and on the weekends, I still wake up at 6, no matter when I go to sleep or if I was drunk the night before, I will still wake up at 6. Is there a way that I can change? Keeping at mind I will still have to wake up at 6 for work.


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[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Usually after it we desire to sleep after dinner. You wake up at 6 every day because you program yourself in subconscious level and it is a normal. But if you do not compensate the time, which you don’t sleep, the problems will arise in the future. If you go to bed before 12 pm and wake up before 8 am that is good for your health. In generally you don’t have problem, if you not go to sleep late.[/FONT]