Body abnormalities

I was listening to a pretty amusing radio discussion on my way to work this morning. It started because of a Chinese baby born with a tail..

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Listeners then called in with their own stories of abnormalities they, or someone they knew were born with.
The strange things ranged anywhere from two vaginas to 4 nipples. (on a female:-o)

I have a friend with webbed feet which I always thought was kind of cool.

Do you or someone you know have anything strange going on with your body?


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I'm envious of that woman with two minge's, that's for sure!!!:lol::bow:

hmmm, My mom's feet are slightly webbed, too, which I think are quite cute. <3
...Other than that I don't think I know of anyone with any physical abnormalities???

Oh wait!
I lied!
I had a friend (back in grade school) who's calves and ankles were the same thickness, she wasn't fat or anything, she was born with it and I know there's a medical name for it and it has completely slipped my mind.:-/
...Anyway, she was a very confidant little girl from what I can remember, wasn't embarrassed and insecure by them at all like I know some girls would be; she wore shorts, was a cheerleader, had them exposed all the time and believe it or not, no one teased her for them either.:)


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No, not really. The only reason I know about the "extra" vertebra is because I had my spine x-rayed when they were checking me for scoliosis.
That's great that you don't have any pain / major issues with your back.:)


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I was born without wisdom teeth, as in, they weren't lurking underneath as I grew older. I just don't got em.

A friend of mine from way back when had webbed feet. It was pretty neat. She was a good swimmer hehe.


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I was born a bit knock-kneed, but I can get around just fine anyway. I know someone who was born with only three toes on one foot. She waddles because of this. She's heavy, but even if she wasn't she'd still waddle.
i was born with a tiny extra finger on my left hand. it never grew along with the rest of me or anything but now it looks like a wart or something since i cut it off a few years ago.