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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Thread.



Personally, it's my favorite show next to Zoids and Inuyasha. I love the crude randomness in that show. Just because it makes completely no sense whatsoever doesn't give you the right to dislike it because of that. I'd like to hear personal opinions without bashing any of the fun parts of this show. Any certain favorite parts/episodes of the show you've seen?

My Favorite Episode:
The Ferris Wheel Episode. The whole video game cutscreen and the repeating what happened the first rotation of the ferris wheel... and Don Patch melting... God that is absolutely hilarious...


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It's an okay show. I only watch it for it's humor but the show itself is kinda dumb.


The Super Pimp of GF
Personally I really hate this show it just gets annoying I thought the first couple of episodes were funny and now its just old


same here .. i cant stand it, my friend tried getting me to watch it, i did for one ep, then stopped, cuple weeks later he apoligises for making me watch a horible show


Its utterly stupid, so stupid, it tickles your funny bone to the point of self inflicted suicide.
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