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    Charlotte Observer - Coach-general manager Bernie Bickerstaff told Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer that the club is arranging to have Connecticut's Rudy Gay work out the same day as Washington's Brandon Roy, then have big men LaMarcus Aldridge of Texas and Tyrus Thomas of Louisiana State also work out together.

    The Bobcats are likely to audition about ten players.

    RealGM recently previewed who the clubs might select at number three in 30 Days, 30 Teams on the Bobcats

    "We'd like to convince some players in the 8-9 (range) to come in," Bickerstaff said. "We'll let them know that if we could get a veteran player or a pick" as compensation, they might trade down.

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    I think at the end of the day, there is no way for the Bobcats to become worse than they are now. The draft pick Morrison, or Gay should give that team some solid play at the 3.
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    That's what there missing a scorer, that can average more then 20ppg threw out the year, they don't have that. I know some say they have Gerald Wallace, but he's a horrible free throw shooter, and they also have Kareem Rush but he's inconsistant. They need someone like Gay or Morrison, like you said they can't get any worst, and I see a bright future for them if Okafor stays healthy.
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    Didnt they release Kareem Rush or something like that later in the season?
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    The Bobcats are slowly improving yet they've never had a successful year in franchise history so it's tough to become a top team all of a sudden. Emeka Okafor hurt them this season only playing 26 games and averaging 13.2 ppg and 10.0 rpg where as last season he was averaging 15.1 ppg and 10.9 rpg. Also Gerald Wallace is improving a lot, having career highs in a lot of categories.
    They have potential and they will be good in the future and hopefully winning 30+ games next season.

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