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Bob Cole done?!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Sadly, if LA wins in Game 6 Canada won't hear CBC's Bob Cole call another game because game 6 is a TSN broadcast in Canada.

If you've never heard him, you haven't heard the greatest hockey PBP ever. He didn't call a game, he told a story. I hate doing non hockey comparables but he is the Vin Scully of hockey.


New Member
People give him grief all the time, but I don't care he's my fav. He's better thn 90% of the boradcasters and does a hell of a job to make every game seem like a life or death Game 7


Registered Member
CBC owns the rest of the playoffs now. Pretty sure TSN had their swan song the last game. Everyone were mentioning them on twitter.

Great voice... great talent. Sadly, the game is too fast for his mind now. Couple nights ago LA went on a rush and Bob Cole said "...and a stretch pass for Chicago". The end is near...