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Bluetooth cell phones


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Wrecked said:
what exactly is bluetooth? is it the ability to go on the net? if so make sure to check out the billing is for the internet on each plan. some plans have it paid for for a certain amount of minutes, others are unlimited, and others are by the minute use.
Most cellphones have been able to access the internet for a while now. I think bluetooth is some kind of wireless network. I'm not exactly sure how it works.


Registered Member
I love Texting. I get unlimited and they have saved me numerous times from going over my minute limit. When I do go over, I use text to communicate.

Bluetooth is a way for devices to communicate. IF you have a bluetooth adapter for your comp, you can transfer files and what not back and forth from your phone, pda, or you can hook up bluetooth enabled keyboards, mouse, and also that is how those wireless headsets for cell phones work.
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