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Blueberry Pancake Cake


I ♥ Haters
I lol'ed when your "cake" fell apart... I was like "Ha! FAIL!" but then you worked around it and that pretty much shut me up. So yaah...


Creeping On You
I'm very ingenius.


Sally Twit
lmao @ the end credits

Also, I'm glad you didn't let the disaster put you off. You could have cut all around the edges first and then tipped it upside down! Maybe you could have saved it.


Creeping On You
naw, it was stuck to the pan good haha. you're not really supposed to bake pancakes as cakes.


Creeping On You
Your mom sets rules.


Registered Member
Hahahaha, this was so awesome--I loved your closing credits :lol:

I wonder--did you grease the pan? Do you think that would help?
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