Blue screen Stop Error in Windows 2003 Server


I am getting Blue Screen Stop Error in Windows 2003 Server. Because of which my server restarting automatically atleast one times in a day. Besides, a system event log is also registered in System Event and its id 6008. The blue screen error is "SYSTEM HAS VALID POOL ON EXIT".

Any of you can help me to resolve this issue.




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Interesting. I've only been running Server 2003 for a few months now, but I have never had any problems like that. With I could be of more help. :(
Tks for your reply. Please note, this is happend only when any of the remote users is log-off from their desktop. This is not happening always for all users. So far when I searched from Microsoft's web site, It is known to me that this error is due to memory leakages while remote desktop user's session is closed. Besides I knew, it can be rectified in SP2 (Service Pack 2) of Windows 2003 release. But I donot know whether that SP2 is released or not. Also in microsoft website it is told that they suggested to try for some hotfix. I don't know what is hotfix and how to make it?. If you can, help me.



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You have to run Windows Update (or Microsoft Update, the name changed) on each of the computers.