(Blue Man Inside!) Colloidal Silver + Argyria

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    Stumbled upon this while reading an AP ticker in the break room at work a week or two ago. Really caught my attention.

    Colloidal silver has recently become rather known in the medical field as a mainstream antibiotic. The solution is created by extracting silver through water via electric current. However, side effects of the use of this solution include argyria (see Wiki excerpt below).

    view the rest of the wiki entry Colloidal silver - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Also available includes a news segment held with Paul Karason, a known user of colloidal silver who is -- you guessed it -- blue.

    Click the link below to view the interview with Paul Karason:
    YouTube - The Dangers of Colloidal Silver

    .. I read one one of the most recently posted comments on the YouTube vid that Karason admitted to "using baking soda to improve the conductivity of the water used to make his CS... his would have resulted in a solution containing large silver compounds which is responsible for causing argyria".

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