Blue Jays Vs Oakland official thread 11/05/06

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Babe_Ruth, May 12, 2006.

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    The Blue Jays won their second game against the Oakland A's with a 8-3 victory. Ted Lilly won is fourth game of the year, and Troy Glaus hit two home runs to have 12 on the season. The Jays pretty much owned the A's during this game. The only bright spot for the A's was Nick Swisher when he hit two home runs as well. Greg Zaun also hit a home run. Alex Rios also extended is hitting streak.

  2. Good series for the Jays.

    TBay up next and another chance for the kid Jannesen (?) to prove he deserves to start over Josh Towers.
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    I agree with you, it was a good series and Jansen had a very good outing last game he had a no hitter going into the sixth inning. Also when A.J comes back hopefully Josh Towers will be sent down and Jansen will take is spot in the rotation, come on hes 0-7. That's awful.
  4. I heard a comment on a sports show the JP is looking around for another starting pitcher. The Jays bullpen have pitch more innings than any other team besides KC and Florida (I think). That's pretty bad, the offense is making things looks rosey for the Jays right now, but it could cool off at any time.

    I dunno, Towers is pitching on Sunday, maybe he'll wait until the fourth inning to suck it up this time.
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    Well are pitching staff hasn't been that bad lately except Towers. Lilly has been doing good, so is Doc, and Chacin is doing very well except is last start against the A's, but other then that it's been pretty good. Also it's because of Towers that out bullpen has pitched so much. Also when Doc came back from is injury he had a pitch count so he couldn't stay after the fifth inning so that didn't help either.

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