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Blue Gender


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So who has seen this anime? I didn't understand it much when I first watched(Didn't pay much attention). But then watched it 1 more time and understood it. I thought this series was good. It kept me interested with the fight scenes(But at time could be very boring). But all in all I liked this series.


I watched it when it used to come on CN. It seemed good at first, but the more the series progress it just got more and more depressing. I managed to make it to the last episode, but it's way too depressing for me.


im pretty sure i watched it, i cant exactly remember, but if its what im thinking of it wasnt too bad


Was this the one with the world ending? If it is then I only watched a bit of it...


Was this the one with the angry vaginas?

Edit: If it is then I only watched a bit of it...


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
*coughs* Senator now really.....

Anyway I saw to the middle of it. I have a fuzzy memory cause I haven't watched it since it played on Adult Swim on CN >>; I do remember it being pretty good and how the two main character were slowly falling for one another I think. Though there was too much senseless killing and the boy main character always getting scared as a monster came up to him....come on he had better got trigger happy quick before he got eaten!