Blu-Ray or HD-Dvd


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I just want to you know your thoughts on which will win the format war. I personally think blu-ray has an edge because of the Ps3 but I know I will not get one until there is a winner. What's your thoughts.


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I won't rebuy any of my DVD's on Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, but I'd like to see Blu-Ray take the cake in this race. Blu-Ray technology is superior to HD-DVD and the discs hold more information.

It makes no sense for HD-DVD to come out on top. I refuse to buy any of them until one is declared the standard though.


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In the early 80's it was Beta VS VHS. I remember my mom paid like $800 for a Beta machine, lol. I agree with you all, just wait and see who wins


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I know it is a pain in teh butt to wait. My dad has a HD Projector and I would love to get chip in wiht my siblings to get him a Nice next-gen player but I would not want to waste my money if it comes out to be that it doesnt become the standard.


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Yeah, it's not worth the cash to blow on a player that you can't even garuntee that they're still going to be making movies for it in three years.


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It's definitely worth the wait,

PS3 has Blu-Ray

XBOX360 has the HD-DVD

Both of them have great sponsors but personally I think that HD-DVD will come out on top just because it is sponsored by XBOX which is definitely more popular than PS3 because it is much less expensive.


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well dave xbox you need to buy a 200 dollar add on to play those dvd's but ps3 you can just play out of the box. I think that is why bluray will win and ps3 will make a comeback in a couple of years. IF you are going to buy a nex-gen dvd player might as well get a video game console with it for the same price.