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Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by Dragon, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Dragon

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    I have never seen any of the Saw movies but one of the actor's blood was used as paint for the posters. They are selling the bloody posters for $20 each but there is only 1,000 bloody posters available. I "Saw" this article and wanted to share it with everyone.

  2. Mirage

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    That's interesting.. and sick as well. I haven't seen those movies but then again I can't justify senseless and torturous violence as a form of entertainment. ;)
  3. Doc

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    It's the blood of the guy who plays Jigsaw. What sucks about it is there's only 1,000 of them being made available.
  4. qwerty98765

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    Why would anyone want a poster made with someone's blood. That's pretty disturbing in and of itself. At least it's going for a good cause.
  5. wazupdoc

    wazupdoc Registered Member

    Yikes, that is creepy!
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