Blood Censoring in WWE!!

WWE Classics 24/7 On Demand has now started editing any match with blood in it, as the match turns to black and white when blood appears.
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What's the point in having blood in a match if you're only going to censor it later, or if it's live cut away from it so you don't see what is happening. I remember they showed a clip on SmackDown! of a wrestler bleeding and it was turned to black and white - no red what so ever. Are we all 5 year olds that need to be protected from blood? MEANWHILE, the divas are stripping down to almost nothing and wrestling... Sex is ok, but blood isn't?

Arg! WWE is getting more and more kiddied. I want me blood, I want me old WWE back.

Your thoughts?


I am the woolrus
I hate the black and white thing they do with the blood. Or if someone gets hit with a weapon they cut away to the crowd and don't show anything.

All wrestling on tv here has always been like that before 9 o clock. After the watershed though they still show blood/weapon hits and whatnot.

My main gripe with the... 'nannying' by the WWE at the moment is that a little blood and violence didn't hurt anyone! Kids always watched wrestling during the attitude era, and i don't think it mentally scarred any kids cus of a little bloodshed!


Sultan of Swat
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I can't stand it either, we've all seen blood before, if you can't handle it just turn away or change the channel. I'm like you wooly, I can't stand when the camera goes to the crowd when someone gets hit with a weapon it's so lame. Wrestling fans are use to seeing that type of stuff, they shouldn't block it from people watching it on television.


Change the World
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It bums me out that blood is being 'erased.' That being said, I've accepted lately that wrestling is probably cyclical depending on fans' ages, and I'm sure things will come back in time.


Certified Shitlord
Whenever people ask me why I don't watch WWE anymore and why I've lost all faith in it, I point to bullshit like this. Blood censoring? Really? Can we call it "World Wimp Entertainment" yet?


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There was blood when I was watching as an 8 year old kid. I remember seeing Hogan bleed a couple times and I wasnt negatively affected.

I think its bullshit to be honest. Its fine for guys to throw people threw glass, kiss other wrestlers wives and use sledgehammers but blood is icky? Stupid.