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During our family poker tournament at Thanksgiving, my cousin had gone to Hawaii and bought this coin thah had all the typical Hawaiian stuff on it to use as the dealer chip. I looked at it and asked him if that was the currency they used there.



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I saw a guy complain during a poker tournament that his three pair was the best hand. He was one of those guys that probably realized how wrong he was but defended his original stance anyways.


The Varsity softball team was supporting the JV in a tournament my Sophomore year. I was sitting next to one of my teammates on Varsity, and she was using the microphone and stating the number and name of those coming up to bat. As one of the girls walks to the batters box, Shaina (the girl who was announcing it), says, "For the Indians, number 24- hoe!"
I looked over at her and said, "Shaina do you realize what you just said...?" while trying not to laugh.
The girl up to bat comes up to the fence and bangs on it with the bat. "It's Howe." (pronounced like you would ask how to do something).
Shaina quickly rectified her mistake but I've never let that go.

This same girl thought bottlecaps were checkers and punch had marshmallows in it because of the foam. I love her to death but she really is a blonde.


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My buddy's ex-girlfriend thought you could turn left on red-lights as long as there was no traffic.

She did not know where lake erie was. LAKE ERIE! I am by Cleveland by the way.


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In the 10th grade there was a pep rally. While there my driver's ed teacher was hit in the face with a pie. Well, my friend and I get back to the school and visit my Latin teacher, who had missed it. So I was really excited and wasn't thinking and said, "He got hit in the pie with a face"

Then a few weeks ago my brother was pissing me off and teasing me in front of my friend. He kept saying that my aunt and uncle are having sex in the shower.

So, while driving to her house with her mom, I told them about it and said, "They were having shower in the sex."