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Registered Member
So does anyone use blogs be it writing blogs or just reading them?
I quite like to write down my thoughts and feelings on whatever is happening in my life and I like to think it could be nice to sort of view my blogs in a few years and see how things have changed/turned out for me.
I also like to read other people's blogs
So yeah, does anyone use blogs?
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I used to, and will do so again very soon. Like you, I find blogging can be a rewarding thing. I would love to read any blog you might have. Do you have one?


For a Free Scotland
I have a dead blog that I may revive at some point (angolathree), I rather enjoyed it- writing daily or several times a week really improves one's grammar and expressive capabilities.

I read (or in the past read) a few blogs- Swing State Project (now Daily Kos Elections), Gin and Tacos, Waiter Rant, and Gaijin Smash.


No Custom Title Exists
It's not a writing blog per se but still classified as a blog. I've got Tumblr.


Sally Twit
I use the GF blog from time to time but it's not something I have always used. I am not much of a blogger. I'd rather discuss my thoughts with my close friends.


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I have more than two blogs but I am much lazy to give articles in them. The reason is that I don't feel any importance of them, if you maintain them casually. May need some good/continuous effort to get good traffic and PR so that you can put some ad-sense and advertisement to earn some bucks.