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    Does anyone here have a personal blog that they write in? What is the link and what do you write about? I write about politics in general. Not necessarily about guns (I have written about guns but its not my general focus). I like to look at issues like gas prices, the bill of rights, the election etc... and find solutions to issues that affect our nation rather then gripe about it. My blog is somewhat new. I want to touch on "Global warming" and Illegal immigration at some point. Possibly within the next month. So share your blog and what you write about :)

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    I've been thinking of starting a blog but I'm not sure of where to do it. Is blogspot good? What's a good way to look for blogging sites?
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    I def recommend (blogspot). It works great and is very easy to use.

    I have a couple blogs, one is basically just about my kids, I post pics and tell stories since we don't see our families very often, it keeps them up to date on what's going on with us. I also just started a Photo blog that me and my family are a part of. I make up challenges, and everyone takes pics according to it and posts them. I'm not sure if I'm willing to share either one with everyone though, as they are kind of more personal.
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    Is still pretty popular? I know Millz had a blog there a while ago.
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    I see people using it all over the place. All of my family and friends are using it.
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    Thanks. I'll look into it!
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    I have a Live Journal Derrick Ferguson's Notebook which is mostly about my writing and where I post movie reviews. You won't find much personal stuff about me there as I don't think it's all that interesting reading about my daily activities.
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    only with substance

    I sometimes come across blog sites and it's just really self indulgent. If you aren't going to write about something that matters or affects others than don't waste people time talking about nonsense.
    I don't blog myself but i do enjoy reading others people's blogs. So if you do have a site please post it. I came across this one site Save a Dream | I think its fairly new but some of the blogs this person post are really great. and I always go on and just visit random blogs. It's what on my spare time
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