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Is it possible to be notified when someone posts on your blog? I don't expect a lot of support for this since a lot of people don't use their blogs, but it would be a neat feature if it's not too much work.


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I actually set my options to Subscribe automatically on my blogs, and any blog I posted on, or so I thought. Like what I do for threads. It didn't work though. :dunno:
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I like this idea.

I thought Suscribe to Blog Entry would do it but I still don't get notifications (nor do they pop up on my User CP).
Yeah it's a good idea. I wondered a while ago why we don't get notifications. In fact I assumed blogs did until I made one myself. Never going back there again :lol:


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This is fixed in the newest version of the forum software we use that will be released soon. So yeah, it will happen when I upgrade next.