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Blocking Certain Sections


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It's funny because GF has a HUGE wrestling section compared to every other topic discussed here.

If GF were a world map, the Wrestling section here would be all of Asia. That's how tilted the number of wrestling posts per day are compared to everywhere else. :lol:

The hard part to believe about that is that I have become so good at mentally blocking out the wrestling threads that I sometimes forget it is even being discussed here. :D

And yeah, I can look into this for a few other sections. I don't think many people would want to hide certain sections COMPLETELY though as PC was talking about. I mean, I block Sub-Talk from Latest Posts but I still like to be able to go in there now and then and take a dump.


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Yeah, but like for wrestling, I hate the sport. It doesn't interest me whatsoever, there is less chance of me ever liking wrestling than there is of me getting a sex change, so I really wouldn't want to, as you so nicely put it, go in there and take a dump. Plus it will clear up any confusion I have with those STUPID Impact threads that are in there that get me every freaking time. It would also save those thread creators the negs I give them for my confusion.


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I support the idea of being able to block certain sections from showing up in new posts. I personally wouldn't use the feature very often (or at all) but I can see the benefits for other members.

Honestly, I think a lot of people would end up cutting MD out from showing up. I know some people don't post in the Intro. section, either.


Embrace the Suck
I would really love to block the MD section myself, I hate that section with all my heart.

Seriosly I don't think that's a bad idea although like someone said, I like seeing new posts in threads up at the top that I don't normally frequent just in case something about it peaks my interest.


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This is a pretty awesome idea.

Do it, Brix.


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I think BabeRuth is purposely posting a lot of Wrestling posts as payback for every subtalk posts made. :lol:

I'd love a block section feature too although it's mostly so that I don't feel like I have a lot of forums that I have to read (OC).