blockbuster is finally bankrupt


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I've hated blockbuster for longer than I can remember because their prices have always been at least double what any other store around is. Finally they got their just deserve, they filed for bankruptcy this summer and I was so glad to hear it. It's unfortunate that so many people will loose their job's, that I feel bad for, but the company alone, good ridden.


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I refused to buy anything from them. I went to rent a video game one day from them that wasn't at the other store and it was $15. I was like, no thank you.


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I'm glad to hear this as well. They are overpriced and have been doing whatever they can to keep their competition from succeeding. I haven't rented anything from them in years. Even when RedBox was forced to delay new release availability in their kiosks, I just waited until they had them. I'm not paying $5 or more to rent a movie when it costs only 3 to 4 times that much to own it. Also, it's generally $5 for 5 days. I only want it for one day. Therefore, I wait until RedBox has it and pay $1 (DVD) to $1.50 (Blu-Ray) for one day.
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I've used Netflix for years. I think since 2006, if I'm not mistaken.

But the link looks like a this actually for real?


It's not me, it's you.
Oh thanks Brix, I'm reading that now. It doesn't really surprise me. Like Bob said...I went in to rent Red Dead Redemption before buying it to see if I liked it...$15. The last time I rented a video game it was $5 for one week. I felt that was completely ridiculous.


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I rented Halo 3 and ODST from Blockbuster. It was disgusting how expensive it was. I seriously could have bought a used copy for cheaper.

I have no sympathy for Blockbuster. They had every chance in the world to adjust and adapt to the advancing market but instead they stayed to conservative and ended up eating dust. I dont even believe it was a matter of prices to be honest. It was all about losing customers due to the ease of use through mediums like Netflix.

I used to avidly go to blockbuster, made it a habit every weekend just about. I'd spend $20 plus bucks a week renting 3 maybe 4 movies. Netflix eats that alive, less than $15 bucks and I get an amount of movies that I'll never be able to watch.

To be completely honest, Had Blockbuster taken earlier notice of the change in market, adapted and grown more technological... I seriously believe they could have put Netflix out of business. They already had established clientele, obviously had the movies to pull it off... just didnt have the business model to progress.

The only downfall of this, is having to say Good Riddance to one more Job Market and Face to Face contact.


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Speaking of Netflix!

If any of you goobers are interested in it... I've got this thing that came in the mail that has Four 1-month free subscription cards for "Friends and Family". If you're interested I can PM you the codes.


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Good riddance.
I have never rented one movie from Blockbuster, never had the need to~
If I don't go watch the new movie release at the theater, in a short wait, it'll be out on DVD, and I can buy it then if it looks appealing.
If I do see a movie at a theater and enjoy it, I will buy the DVD when it comes out, so I have it as part of my collection.
The renting process sucks ass anyway, tons of people rent those things over and over again, and the DVD gets scratched and dented and by the time you get it, it most likely won't play.


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Yeah, I've been on Netflix for years too. Our BB in town here went down last year. I wasn't complaining, I went and raided their dirt cheap DVDs. Everything was for sale. Candy was even super cheap too.

I just recently cleaned out my wallet too and tossed out my old BB rental card. Good riddance, indeed.