Blink 182 is back


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Yes the band is back together, if you do not belive me check out there site :)

I didn't see this coming, for me it looked like they had split up for good, but I am glad they are back, they are a awesome band and I cant wait to hear there new tunes.


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I guess I could be excited about this if they come back with their original sound. I did like some of their stuff, singles mostly. Chances are it will be completely different and desperate sounding. After all, why do bands usually get back together? Their royalties ran out and they want more money. They'll try to be extra hip and in tune with current musical styles and will probably be out of the public eye in no time (and they aren't really even back in yet).

Of course I could be wrong. I didn't like
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Personally I don't see any reasons for them to come back, sorry but there just awful. I definitely wont be buying any of their cd's. They shouldn't make a comeback in my opinion.


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They're alright, but they're going to need something dynamite to make anyone feel like they matter anymore.


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I was really pleased to hear they were back together.

Like Hybrix mentioned, I just hope they stick to their original or similar sound, and don't sell themselves out like alot of bands.


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This is the worst music news ever. Why do they have to come back? I can't stand their style and I can't stand them as people. The lead guys voice really bugs me.
This is good news for me, since I absolutely love blink. They are a band that no matter what they do musically, I just seem to really enjoy it. Their earlier stuff was far different than their last album, but I like both styles equally.

The only downside I see to this is that I'm going to assume that their other respective projects are going by the wayside at least for now, which kinda sucks in my opinion. Angels and Airwaves has become one of my favorite bands as of late, and I also really enjoy +44. Oh well. Can't have everything.

I'm still quite excited about this news. I'm always up for some good blink, despite what anyone else says.


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It'll be interesting to see what they come out with. When they were popular, their style was very "of the moment". If they keep their old style, I have no idea how that style will be received nowadays. And if they don't, well...I guess we'll have to see what they do.
Meh, Blink 182 weren't really of my tastes. None of their songs had anything interesting in them, and I generally find they're music to be boring.


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I think the music, or at least the lyrical content, will have to change.
Unless he's a hypocrite / money-grabber, the lead singer [or at least I think it was him] said he's grown up and is past singing about first dates and the like.
That said, I'm interested to see what Blink'll become..