blinded by beauty


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i was blinded by the beauty of a pretty face, i was shrouded by her beauty. but when the shroud was lifted i saw true beauty and it wasnt her it was the friend that sat next to me as i told her my problems now she want nothing to do with me and i want to fix that problem but dont know how. help me
If she's going to be THAT shallow that she disregards you that quickly, you don't want anything to do with her anyhow. You should only be around people that want to be around you.


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Why do you always must express your shit to someone? Just freaking keep it to yourself, and try to get the girl but now, you've screwed up.


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OK, Garrett, this is your warning. Stop posting random crap like this in Serious or I'm going to start handing out infractions. Serious Discussion is here for serious things and I'm really getting tired of seeing this adolescent puppy love crap.

Take it to General or Sub-Talk.