Blind soldier 'sees' with his tongue


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The image is created by presenting white pixels from the camera as strong stimulation, black pixels as no stimulation, and grey levels as medium levels of stimulation, although interpreting the images takes intensive training.

"It feels like licking a nine volt battery or like popping candy," Lance-Cpl Lundberg said.
I don't really see the potential unless the images can be "seen" in a place other than the tongue. It's bound to get annoying.


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I've heard about this. It's certainly cool, and reminds me of a related story:

For six weird weeks in the fall of 2004, Udo Wächter had an unerring sense of direction. Every morning after he got out of the shower, Wächter, a sysadmin at the University of Osnabrück in Germany, put on a wide beige belt lined with 13 vibrating pads — the same weight-and-gear modules that make a cell phone judder. On the outside of the belt were a power supply and a sensor that detected Earth's magnetic field. Whichever buzzer was pointing north would go off. Constantly.

"It was slightly strange at first," Wächter says, "though on the bike, it was great." He started to become more aware of the peregrinations he had to make while trying to reach a destination. "I finally understood just how much roads actually wind," he says. He learned to deal with the stares he got in the library, his belt humming like a distant chain saw. Deep into the experiment, Wächter says, "I suddenly realized that my perception had shifted. I had some kind of internal map of the city in my head. I could always find my way home. Eventually, I felt I couldn't get lost, even in a completely new place."

The effects of the "feelSpace belt" — as its inventor, Osnabrück cognitive scientist Peter König, dubbed the device — became even more profound over time. König says while he wore it he was "intuitively aware of the direction of my home or my office. I'd be waiting in line in the cafeteria and spontaneously think: I live over there." On a visit to Hamburg, about 100 miles away, he noticed that he was conscious of the direction of his hometown. Wächter felt the vibration in his dreams, moving around his waist, just like when he was awake.
I don't really see the potential unless the images can be "seen" in a place other than the tongue. It's bound to get annoying.

I bet being unaware or your surroundings in any sort of a "visual" sense would be a lot more annoying than this.
I think it's amazing technology, and I'm sure it will be even more so once they expand on it.


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Wow, that is truly amazing. I really wonder what they will come up with next, probably something even better. Technology can is incredible sometimes.