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Blind Dates


Do What Thou Wilt
Anyone ever been on a blind date?

My sister just took me on one to meet her friend tonight. And DAMN, it is awkward. I mean, I like the girl, so I will definitely date her again, but just getting one started is so weird. I mean, normally you go with a person you know, so you can at least have some familiarity, but starting from scratch is, like i said, weird. it worked out though. ;)


Never been on a blind date but I wouldn't see it as awkward. I mean .. .you probably had much to talk about.


Sally Twit
Never have and never will. Even if I was single I don't like the idea of not knowing who to expect. I would rather know the person I was going on a date with. Even if I didn't know much about them I'd still want to know who they were.


yellow 4!
Nope, never done that and wouldn't want to. I generally would only date someone who I'm friends with first, so blind dating is the complete opposite of what I'd be most comfortable with. I'm sure it could turn out really well but I personally don't like the idea of it. And it pretty much depends on the person, as to whether it would be an awkward situation or not.


still nobody's bitch
Yes, as a matter of fact I met my daughter's dad on a blind date. A friend of mine was trying to set us up and I kept telling her no, I wasn't interested in any blind dates, but then he called her and said he had Red Wings tickets, and I couldn't turn that down. It was fairly awkward but at least we had hockey to talk about.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I've been on at least five of them, it's not that awkward to be honest with you guys. But, it's never worked out, just didn't have any chemistry with these girls. Four of them tried to get in contact with me again, but I had to let them down gently.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
My Mom and Dad met on a blind date and the rest was history.

Even though they met and eventually got married on a blind date I've never done it and I don't plan on ever doing it. Maybe I'm too picky but I don't want to meet someone for the first time on a date. I don't want to learn about them on a date. I want to learn about them beforehand...that's how I've done it before and it's worked out for the best.

I've turned down probably about 10 offers of blind dates in my life lol. Maybe I missed out on my soul mate, I don't know; it's just not the way I do business. My hair dresser asks me EVERY SINGLE TIME I go in there if I have a girlfriend and how she knows someone. She forced me to email a girl one time so I did and then I facebook stalked her and decided she wasn't my type. That was probably a dick move on my part but eh.


Living on the 0th floor
I have never been on a blind date. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to it, but at the same time I'd much rather know someone on a friend's basis before jumping into dating them. My friends would have to work their magic to make me meet a guy they were dying for me to date, as in invite me out with them and him too and that way it is in a group setting and we can just talk, but I couldn't know they were trying to hook me up with him.

In order for me to actually go on a blind date, I would really, really have to trust the person trying to set me up that they know my type/what is good for me, and I can't think of anyone who I would trust to really know that at this point.


Mark ov teh Pond
Blind dates are the only ones I can score, hah.

My last date was just about 21 (25 now), I'm sure some have asked me about it. Catholic chick. I was working at an outdoor department store, in the lumber yard and she was a cashier inside. My co-workers girlfriend was also one and apparently they thought we'd be a good match. So the four of us went bowling. You know, typical stuff. It ended well and despite not being into her, I asked her over to my place for a movie. I initiated round two, and after that we exchanged a few e-mails but we both knew nothing was going to happen and after I quit there we lost contact.

I'm not opposed to blind dating, but it really depends on the friends that set it up. A lot of the people I know have very poor match-making skills and relationships themselves based on sex. If knowing things like that I'm a little reluctant to join along. That's just how I feel. I'd be more than willing to go on more blind dates and make the best out of it, but it depends who is dragging me along.

I don't find BD's to be awkward at all. If it's truly a BD the other person is just going to be as nervous/curious/out-of-place as you are. That's common ground there. But if it's one of those dates where "nuh-uh honey. I aint going les you show me a picture of this dude" type deals with previous knowledge to the encounter, then it can be more one-sided I'm sure.