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I was at a buffet earlier tonight. I must say the sneeze guard worked really well but unfortunately, I tried to sneeze away from the food but too late. They had to throw away all the food and disinfect the area cause there was something extra with the sneeze. Let's just say the liquid was red. The last few days, my nose was bleeding. The blood is only noticeable when I blow my nose or sneeze. My doctors don't even know what causes it. I felt bad and apologized to the workers at the buffet and I saw some customers give me some mean looks.
Dragon, I adore you!:) Now, with that being said, there are just some things that it's okay to keep to yourself, this definately being one of them.:urp:



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Oh man that was nasty. Now it will take months before I can work up the courage to go to a buffet again. :D

Hope you are feeling better soon!