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Oregon Live - Acting GM Steve Patterson said he will be looking for trade scenarios to improve the Blazers at the NBA's Pre-Draft Camp in Orlando, according to Oregon Live.

The Blazers hold the fourth, 30th and 31st picks in the June 28 draft, and Patterson said he will split his time between evaluating players who would be befitting of the latter picks and orchestrating trade scenarios.

"We'll be looking at many of the players that will most likely be available for our 30th and 31st picks," Patterson said via e-mail. "And we will be evaluating what other teams are looking to do with their rosters, and seeing if there are deals that make sense for us to improve our roster."


That's good news for the Blazers because they need their franchise to be a top team because otherwise people will lose interest in the team because there isn't actually a exciting player on their team at the moment who can dominate in a game which is what a fan would want to see on a team that isn't a big franchise.