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Blast at Ariana Grande concert


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The people of Manchester stepping up and showing the humanity the bombing scum lacked.


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Considering the musical content at the venue, I wasn't that surprised. Not like it was something anyone would hear in Dersu or Lancaster County and a perfect target for religious extremists. What happened seriously bites and IS is pushing for more of the same. But what did surprise me was to learn that the worst terror attacks in the UK were all committed by citizens, not migrants. The UK has serious internal issues that can't be solved by vetting.

The Manchester terrorist was born in the UK, not Libya, and the investigators think he may have been converted online. But McVeigh was an American born in America, not the middle east and not Muslim, and he took out 168 people. Homegrown terror is becoming a serious problem and I don't have a clue how to stop it. I only hope someone in the security forces does.


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I think a lot of kids that were at that Ariana Grande concert are going to need some PTSD therapy. In a New York Times story, one mom said her 14-year-old daughter hadn't spoken more than two words since the explosion.


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There's also something that should be taken into consideration here; the bomber knew who and what he targeted. Ariana Grande has always been very vocal about women empowerment and encouraging teen girls to take their place in the world. This is something that terrorist groups like ISIS despise and are disgusted about. It was more than an attack; it was a symbol & a message that ISIS will continue to terrorize Western civilizations by attacking everything that we stand for. That's the scary part; now they're blatantly attacking kids & teenagers for their cause.

I wish we could eradicate and forever exterminate those pieces of human sewage with an atomic bomb if it was possible to ensure that this would hurt no civilians. That's how much I hate those excrements.