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Blasphamous or Not?


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I can see where from a Christian perspective perhaps it's not right to share a name with God or Jesus, effectively putting oneself on their level. From a non-religious and legal perspective, there is nothing wrong with it.


Free Spirit
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I think it would be dumb to name your kid God or Jesus. You would be setting your kid up to be ridiculed. Now when it comes to Jesus, in Spanish its not pronounced the same so it is a legitimate name.

I don't think either should be illegal.


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Well, Hi already touched on it with her answer. Jesus is a common name in Spanish speaking countries. Someone ought to tell them that they are blaspheming the name of their Lord and Saviour, yes? :D

Honestly, I couldn't care less if someone wanted to call themselves God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or even Satan's Butt Cheeks. Whatever floats your boat, I reckon. I only draw the line at someone giving themselves such a name and then trying to amass a bunch of followers.


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As for Jesus, I don't see that as blasphemous. There is not just Jesus of Nazareth, but Jesus was a common name in biblical times. For example, there is another Jesus in the books of the OT the Catholic church still uses but many Protestants dropped from the Bible (Jesus Sirach). And then, the name Mary is very popular too. Or many other names from the Bible of more or less holy people. I see that more as honoring this biblical tradition.

However, "God" as a name goes a bit far, IMO. If a believer wanted to call his kid God, maybe someone should tell them how inappropriate that is. And why should a non-believer want to name his kid so? Just as a cheap shot towards believers? Shouldn't his kid be worth more to him than that?

There are some names that shouldn't be allowed, when it's degrading for the kid and/or will cause problems for the kid. Nobody, for example, should be allowed to officially name his kid "Nag" or "Rugrat" or something along these lines. "God" is such a case too, IMO.