Blackhawks goalie Khabibulin placed on waivers


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this is a big rip off for the Hawks, they could at least get something for him. It is also a risk, they will rely on a goalie who has never played 60+ games a season with one team in his career. And between me and you, Huet is not someone to carry a team longterm.


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Yeah talk about surprising! I dont think I'd ever in my life see a Stanley Cup Winning Goalie on Waivers. I mean hell, Khabibulin won one with the bolts barely 4 or so years ago. Had I a magic crystal ball back then to see the news for today I'd have thrown it away thinking it was broke.

Thats just insane news to grasp, wow.

meh, I agree... Huet is not a Franchise goalie IMO.


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I'd like to see him go to the Kings or Thrashers as they both need a boost in the crease if they are going to be taken seriously this season.


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I personally don't believe the Trashers need a boost in goalie. Lethonen is capable of getting the job done. He's still young and I believe he's only going to get better. You also have to remember he plays for the Trashers, who have no one on defense. Should change this year though.

But I agree with you on the Kings, Bernier isn't ready to handle the full load yet.


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you mean Letsitin not Lethonen in Atlanta. Khabibulin would be better and give them more time to work on defense issues. But either LA or Atlanta work.


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Lehtonen sucks man, throw him out of that city, he's got no talent.
"The first thing I wanna be done is to get that peice of crap out of the city, dont just get himo out of the city get him out of the NHL. He doesnt have what it takes anymore. He never did. You sit there and you thump with your bible, talk about psalms, say your prayers, talk about john 3:16.. khabibulin 3:16 says. I just wooped your ass"

Lehtonen has no talent, Khabiblun(sp) can do something with that team. Lehtonen, year by year plays 3 good games and gets critical acclaim by the state of Georgia who know jackshit about hockey and for 79 games he has a save percentage of .500.
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