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Divisive Blackface - A discussion of perspective


The media is much abuzz about pictures of Justin Trudeau in blackface. Now, while I don't like Trudeau as a politician and see him as a privileged dumbass with a very poor political track record, the issue for which he is currently in the spotlight is something I feel is worth discussing. Now I understand that back in the day black folks were mocked by white people in this manner and given everything else that was going on at the time, this must have been extremely hurtful and insulting. But the question I have is whether enough time has passed that cross-racial emulation (done tastefully) could not now simply be seen as just that and nothing more? While racism still exists, even here in Canada to some degree, in general attitudes have changed and I think, in general, it may be time that sensitivities should change to match.

Theater is all about becoming something (or someone) you are not to draw the audience into a fictional world. I personally believe that it should be acceptable for a black child to use white face make-up to play a Caucasian character, or vice versa as long as the point of the production or role was not to mock or demean. I in fact think that cross-ethnic emulation (in the context of theater) could be used to honor rather than mock other races and cultures.

...Your thoughts?


not a plastic bag
He seems like a dumbass but it doesn't seem like there was any intent to make fun of another group of people. Some people (often rich white) just have to find something to be pissed about.

If my kid wanted to be t'challa for Halloween for example, that would honor a great story and I'd dare anyone to call racism.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I don't like Trudeau but I think people need to stop getting upset about every little thing. Actually I think some people get off on it so they are habitually upset about any thing that can be construed as racism. If they aren't doing it to make fun of black people then I see nothing wrong with it. Blacks have worn white face and there was no outcry about that as there shouldn't have been.

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