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Blackberry Email


rainbow 11!
How do you remove and email account from your Blackberry? My hotmail email is still being hacked and no matter how many times I change the password, It won't stop it. So I want to remove the account from my phone and set up a new hotmail account. I tried doing it on the phone and couldn't figure it out. I also tried googling and nothing made sense.


It's not me, it's you.
You have the torch, right?

You go to setup, select email accounts...at this point I had to get an update to go any further, so you may have one of those too, and then may have to reboot the phone. After that, you select which email you don't want on there anymore, a menu pops up, and you hit delete.


aka ginger warlock
What model and OS do you use? I have a BB8900 using OS 5.0 so this may not be the same for you but this is how you can do it:

Go into the main blackberry menu, go into the setup menu & into email, you should then be able to remove it or any other emails you have.


rainbow 11!
Pam, I love you. I have the Torch, Ginock! I totally forgot to include that in my original post.