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Blackbeard's Ship Found


rainbow 11!
Blackbeard's Ship Confirmed off North Carolina

I think this is really interesting!

Blackbeard achieved his infamous immortality in only a few years, operating in the Caribbean Sea and off the coast of colonial America before being killed in a battle with British ships in North Carolina's Pamlico Sound in 1718. (Also see "Grim Life Cursed Real Pirates of Caribbean.")

Some historians have speculated that he deliberately ran the Queen Anne's Revenge aground so that he could keep the most valuable plunder for himself.

Such loot has helped archaeologists link the wreck to Blackbeard since excavations started in 1997. Among the major recovered artifacts are:

—Apothecary weights stamped with tiny fleurs-de-lis, royal symbols of 18th-century France. Queen Anne's Revenge was actually a former French ship, Le Concorde, captured by Blackbeard in 1717. He forced Le Concorde's surgeon to join the pirate crew, and a surgeon at that time likely would have had apothecary weights.
The article says it was discovered in '95, but it looks like they confirmed that it is his ship, where as before it was only "thought to be." I still think this is really interesting. I have always found what might be lying at the bottom of the ocean to be really interesting. There is so much lost at sea, I really wish there was a way for us to be able to get a better look at it all! Imagine if we discovered a sunken city, not necessarily Atlantis, but something similar.


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I realise this post is a couple of months old but it's still on the front page and I'm interested in the topic, so here goes. :D

There actually are submerged towns in various places around the world, including one near to where I used to live in the wilds of Northumbria, UK. The idea was, I believe, to dam off a river to make a reservoir without bothering to knock down the town in the valley. All sorts of ghost stories about still being able to hear the school and church bells and whatnot... I'd love to go diving somewhere like that!

Sunken cities in the sea, though, that's something I've not come across... though it would be pretty amazing if one existed anywhere.

That article is pretty spectacular, either way. I love piratey mythos, legends and so on, so to have some historical fact and evidence (!!!) is awesome.


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That's awesome! :D I checked the articles and photos and it amazed me how much of the stuff they found was still recognizable, especially the cannon. Last October they found a whole 5,500 year old city buried under a meter of sand in southern Norway. The sand preserved it perfectly!
I hope they can find the ship's bell cause that might have absolute proof that it was Blackbeard's ship. But for now yeah, it looks really certain that it was.