Black Widow's Pirate Discussion


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Alright this is the thread where we've have got to straighten things out and get all of the questions answered and what we plan to do for the future of the pirate crew.

So let's get to posting about what we want to know k? We've been talking about getting a thread for it all and now that I've made it, let's get to posting!

So....what are our issues and questions to discuss hm?


rainbow 11!
T' name Black Widow belongs t'Pugz, so what should our new name be? Also, should we get some GFers t'join?


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
GF's can join if they like, but should we do an admission trial on them? Plus what other positions can we put them on the ship o_O;

Group decision on a new name, maybe we should make a list of suggestions for that one.....that would be fair enough. Then we can do a poll and such and then we choose between the top two and whatnot.
I think the black widow should divide. Not stop being pirates, but with the large number of members in the group, having multiple captains is doable.

I say we should have three captains each with their own ship name, one of the captains would be king/queen of pirates. O:


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
3?! I can deal with a reasonable number of 2 but we don't have enough for a whole fleet of pirates yet >.>; Then again, were going to need a all the positions filled or near it on each ship......let's see what the other think on the captains thing too.

The last part reminds me of One Piece and I like that idea too, seems reasonable enough.
and for people who don't like one piece, there's also Pirates of the Caribbean to reference for Pirate Kings.

but I honestly think 3 is doable, and a better number than two. We have about nine pirates still active. So three on each ship would be good.


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We don't have enough people for more ships yet in my opinion.

Also we need a ship, a name, positions, and strategies.