Black screen when loading PC game?

Whenever I load up a PC game it gives me a black screen when I make it to the main menu. I can hear the mouse click on the different options and can hear the background music, but I can't see anything. What can I do to solve this?

4 months ago it worked perfectly fine. I don't know what I did to make it get a black screen. I've deleted flash and re-downloaded it awhile ago for YouTube. I don't know if I have to copy that file and stick it in one of the files for the games, or if it doesn't matter. There is also DirectX which is updated.

I'm on Windows XP.
Re-downloaded DirectX already.

Any ideas? @[email protected];


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what game exactly are you trying to run?

My guess would be that you need to get new video card drivers or possibly your video card is bad, my video card used to have trouble only when playing games.

So just update the driver.

If you need help on getting a new driver then i can help you.

If you are running windows xp then here's how to find out what video card you have.

Right click
go to settings
click advanced
click adapter

take a screen shot of what you see here and post it and i can help you get a new driver for your video card.


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It boils down to what game you're playing.

I had the same problem with an older game, Blood II. I would get a black screen but be able to hear things and click on them. Not to mention, if we know what game you're talking about, you can contact their technical support.
Thanks for the help, I solved the problem... finally!

Now I'm getting a "Error: The Browser can't connect to server..." message. I think I might have to download the patch to fix that. Ugh.. anyways, still, thanks for all the help!


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What game is it?

Also, make sure your firewall isn't blocking the program because it probably is.