PC Games Black Knights Fortress Walkthrough



Diffaculty: easy
Length: medium
Requirements: 12 quest points, and able to not be killed by level 33 Black Knights
Items Needed for this quest: iron chainmale and a bronze med. helm
Starting Point: Falador, the White Knights Castle
How to start quest: Talk to Sir Amik Varze on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the White Knights Castle.
Reward: 3 quest points and 2.5k gold(2,500 gold peices(gp))

1.) Talk to Sir Amik Varze and accept his challenge to spy on the white knights.

2.) Go east of the Ice Mountain to the Monistary, and pick a cabbage north of the building.

3.) Now Travel to the Blacknights Fortress (north side of the mountain), and wear ONLY the bronze medium helm and the iron chainmail. Open the door thats on the central part of the castle (should be on the south side).Push the wall behind the door then climb up the ladders to the top floor. after you climb up it, you can now put on real armor for a better def. bonus

4.) Climb down the southeast side. open the door on your east side, then open the other door and climb up the ladder. There should be 2 cannons. climb down the eastern ladder, thus bringing you to a zammy alter. Open the door and be prepaired for a black knight to attack you, you dont have to kill it if you dont feel like it. so climb up the southeast ladder that leads to a very small room.

5.) choose the option to Listen-at Grill. the witch will say something like the secret weapon is almost ready. she needs a cabbage from draynor mannor. if the goblin she sent gives her the wrong cabbage, the secret weapon will be ruined.

6.) Retrack to the downstairs and push the wall. now open the door on the east. a guard will say that the knights are haveing an important meeting and cannot be disturbed and they will kill who enters. reply as you are brave and go in. a black knight will attack you. again, you dont have to kill him, just go up the ladder, or kill him for some exp if you feel like it. search around until you see a hole in the wall, use the cabbage (DO NOT EAT IT!) on the hole. it will fall in the secret weapon and you completed the quest

7.) Go back to the White Knights Castle and talk to Sir Amik Varze and he will reward you 2500gp and 3 quest points!

I will be adding more soon, this just takes a while to post without copyrighting lol.