Black Knight: The Prequel to Avenging Angels


The Super Pimp of GF
This short story is the prequel to a sotry I have in the works and the first few chapters of it will be out soon. I hope you enjoy this prequel

In the land of Cruxias the land was covered in darkness and facing damnation. All hope had been lost by the population of this world. When all hope was lost just like any true hero a young boy appeared who brought hope to the people and gave them the strength to fight back. This young man gave the people the power to defeat their inner-demons and finally push back the darkness. It has been 7 years since the people were able to subdue the invading force known as the Dark Army lead by General Havoc. Once again the Dark Army is in place to conquer Cruxias and is preparing for the final fight to eliminate the few remaining rebels. The people feel like at any moment the young man who saved them would return but in their darkest hour he is nowhere to be found.

Chapter 1:
The small pocket of rebels were housed in an underground base but they deep down know that it is only a matter of time before the Dark Army finds them. Morale is lower than ever and a rumor is spreading in the ranks that the Dark Army has a new warrior that has been subduing pockets of rebels by himself. They say he is so powerful no man has been able to wound him yet. “Xeno we need to be on our guard. The enemy could attack at any moment” “But Reno if they stage a sneak attack do we stand a chance?” Reno was one of the original members of the group that fought the Dark Army during their first invasion. He stood 6 feet tall with fiery red hair and dark brown eyes. He was the only reason the rebels were still fighting. Xeno is Reno’s brother who is slightly shorter than Reno with white hair and blue eyes. “I don’t know but we cannot give up now!” At that moment a young girl walked in. Her name is Dianna she is a short young girl, the daughter of Xeno, she is one of the few remaining young girls and by far the most beautiful. Her hair is long and brown and she had the most beautiful crystal blue eyes. “Father I heard the Dark Army is approaching!” Xeno and Reno ran out of the room into the main gathering area where most of the men were gathered. “Men we need to gather up our strength. This will be the final fight it is them or us. Our enemy is approaching our location and we will fight them with all our strength.” All the men ran about getting all their weapons ready and saying good-bye to their wives and children.
“Father… I know this might not be the time but you haven’t heard anything from him have you?” Xeno shook his head. “No nobody has seen him since the last major battle with the Dark Army” Dianna became very quiet and hugged her father and helped him put his armor on. Since the rebels were not as advanced as the Dark Army most of their weapons were just staffs or swords while the Dark Army has lasers and guns. The rebels made it to the surface as the Dark Army reached their base. On top of the Dark Army’s main ship stood a man dressed in heavy black armor. His armor covered his entire body as well as his face and he had a sword strapped to his side. The ships came to a halt and the knight jumped off the ship landed 200 feet downward without flinching. He stood facing the rag-tag group of rebels and they charged. As they charged the minions of the Dark Army jumped from the ships and began to slaughter the rebels. The Black Armored man approached Reno and Xeno and attacked them. He easily sent them flying with his sword and stood above them as he was going to finish them off. Just before he plunged his sword into them Dianna ran in between the sword and her father and uncle. “STOP! Please!” The knight stopped. He began to shake and for everyone involved it felt like time had frozen.
Chapter 2:
7 Years ago….
A young man stood facing the Dark Army alone as they approached on the final stronghold of the rebels. “We will not lose this fight! I will defend this place with my life. It represents all that we have left of our society and I will not lose it!” At that moment the rebels joined him and together they fought the last major fight of the first war with the Dark Army. The young man’s name was Train he somehow gained unparalleled strength that day and him along with the small group of rebels managed to defeat the Dark Army. Afterwards Train met up with Reno and his family. “Here is to Train the greatest kid I know” At the time Train was only 12 and he was quite infatuated with Dianna, Reno’s niece. Shortly after that day Train set out to fight the Dark Army else where and wanted to protect more people.
1 year after he left the rebels he was captured by the Dark Army in one of the largest fights known around. He was held in the most high-tech cell the Army had and they decided if they couldn’t kill him they would enslave him. They warped his mind and twisted his thoughts. They put his brain through intense trauma causing him to suppress all memories of his past and eventually convincing him that he was one of the Dark Army’s greatest warriors. He was then trained all day and night until they knew he could eliminate anyone that faced him and then they turned their eyes once again towards Cruxias. They then unleashed their new weapon on the inhabitants and friends of Train and used him as a tool for a massacre. He became known as the black knight and the horseman of the apocalypse.

Chapter 3:
The Black Knight was now facing down a girl who seemed familiar. His head began to hurt and he fell to his knees. All his memories came flooding back and he removed his helmet. The rebels realized who it was under the mask and without a word Train turned around and began walking towards the Dark Army. He drew his sword once again and began cutting down any demon of the Dark Army that crossed his path. The general who commanded Train in the Dark Army attacked him and was easily cut down. Train’s sword began to glow and with a powerful slice he destroyed the ship he was traveling on and then continued to destroy the rest of the ships. All his memories had returned and now he was ready for payback. He defeated all of the small invasion group that traveled with him and stood alone in the rubble. Dianna ran to him and embraced him. He pushed her away. “I don’t deserve you after all the pain I have caused. I have to go. I can no longer be with all of you. I must atone for my sins.” He turned around and wandered into the darkness leaving Dianna in tears.


The Super Pimp of GF
I am not going to continue with the story after this meaning this will be the only story of this series. This is due to the fact that I had a new idea to tell a story in a different way. It will be sort of a hero story but very different from anything I have done yet. It will circle around a main character who wont more than likely wont be seen until half way through the story and I am hoping it will be a relatively long story